The HOW TO on getting tiny donuts at your party.

EP. 1 THE PARTY HUSTLER | Let's dig in!

Your behind-the-scenes look into Event Industry PROS.


EP. 4 THE PARTY HUSTLER | Donut Junkie
EP. 3 THE PARTY HUSTLER | Prestige Signature Events

A florists perspective on past events.

The Party Hustler answers all your burning questions about the event you’re planning. 

What do YOU want to know from the vendors that make that bad-ass bash happen? 

We will give you:

  • Behind the scenes stories
  • Advice
  • Educational info
  • Pet peeves
  • Insider tricks + hacks
  • Tips

We will bring you into our world as event industry professionals

Got a question? Let us know who you want to hear from. DJ? Destination photographer? Venue? Officiant? 

Got a nightmare story to share you think others could learn from? Let us know about those, too!

(All names & specific details to people and businesses will not be shared).


Subject: The Party Hustler

EP. 2 THE PARTY HUSTLER | Glass Slipper Designs


TIPS to know beFORE you book your DJ.